Google's PageRank Principles

Nowadays, the competition for the highest relevance, and hence placement, in the major search engines is fierce and must be considered as a regular science to optimize its site so that visibility and relevance are top-notch. Looking at the largest player among the search engines, Google, it is also no longer enough to have a check on the categorization of its content, url names, title and heading tags, alt texts, and the site's general performance - we must also, in an increasing degree, take security and mobile friendliness into account. 

2015 is thus the year in which security in the form of encrypted connection with https is rewarded with a higher ranking in Google. If you are in a tough battle with the competitors for the top position in the search results, it is therefore a good idea to consider purchasing and setting up an SSL certificate.

In addition to the weighting of SSL, Google has just announced that from April 21, 2015, they will expand the use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal in the mobile search results. This is expected to have a big effect on search results. Some rumors even suggest that websites that are not optimized for mobile users will be removed from the search result when users search from a mobile device. Thus, if you have a high influx of users from mobile platforms, it is worth considering optimizing your site for these platforms.