Developing a digital product: all the pros of hiring an external IT team

Converting ideas and designs into beautiful digital products is sometimes a struggle due to the lack of available IT professionals and developers. On the other hand, too many projects mean a shortage in staff, hiring expensive freelancers, loss on the margin of the project, and on top of that - clients' complaints about the deadlines. Outsourcing or extending the in-house IT team can be the most effective solution to get extra help and make sure all the projects are delivered on time with flawlessly working apps, websites, e-commerce platforms etc.


Moreover, the world of modern technologies is accelerating and staying in a close link to all the latest trends can be challenging. Consulting and facilitation services might be necessary to make sure the final product is based on the best available solutions.


By bringing the skillset of the experienced developers from the external agency, you get much more than just another vendor. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of this business strategy.


It’s good to have an IT partner, not just a vendor

An experienced partner can assist the company with the market know-how. The technical partnership ensures reliable resources of well-trained and experienced developers who can work with several different technologies, based on your current needs.


Assistance for your IT team

The in-house IT team can bolster their performance by getting a nearshore team of professionals when needed. Outsourcing can help with hiring the most suitable developers for your team and solving particular problems. Expertise and communication are pivotal for the in-house IT team to guarantee smooth and hassle-free cooperation.


Smooth communication is the key

There is no successful outsourcing without effective communication. Software agencies are aware this is a crucial factor. Regular and clear communication with your external partner will give you confidence about the current developments and potential future needs.



For the IT project, it is important to find a way to improve efficiency and use human and financial resources properly. Outsourcing the experienced IT team can help with reduced office, hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure costs overheads. The company saves money related to hiring, onboarding, training, and housing employees. Clients pay exclusively for the performance and result – the digital product must be delivered as agreed before.


Resource maximization

Talented employees and in-house developers should focus on the most important tasks and do what directly contributes to achieving your business goals. Directing the less essential tasks to the external team efficiently optimizes your resources.


Quick Time to Market

Outsourcing your project means tapping into the agency’s IT talent pool of developers with diverse skill sets. Experts in a variety of technologies are ready to begin developing your project from day one. Immediate access to the necessary development resources allows for providing quick time to market for products. The shorter time of development could be a success factor for your company in the competitive IT business.


The best technology and external experts

Outsourcing gives smaller companies access to the best technology when they need to solve a specific IT problem. The external team devotes resources and expertise to the given task and gets full responsibility for the development and the final product.


Scale-up and down

By partnering with an external vendor, you can use a scalable solution that can be easily expanded depending on your development needs. Software agencies can help with both short- and long-term projects. The flexibility can help focus on the task without distressing about the workload.


Product quality

Outsourcing can be chosen to ensure the required quality of software solutions. This is guaranteed by the wide range of skills delivered by the selected external development team as well as extended testing and reporting. This solution can also significantly reduce the risk associated with not delivering a high-quality project on time.


Lower risk and support

When you outsource software development, you mitigate the risks associated with developing software products such as code issues, very tight deadlines, inaccurate estimations, or unrealistic goals. With the experienced software house, you will deal with high-quality project management within a well-established and effective workflow. Moreover, after releasing the product the ongoing support and maintenance can be performed by the external IT partner to deal with updates and possible glitches. Business is in a process of constant changes, and the outsourced development partner can help with quick modifications of the custom software and accommodate rising needs.



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