Google Consent - get data even if users reject cookies

Why Google Consent?


When users reject e.g. statistical cookies the consequence is that you today block all statistics from this user. As a company, it is unacceptable to lose this data and the GDPR rules only says that one may not collect information about the user without consent.


Therefore, Google has developed a solution where aggregate general statistical info still can be collected if the user should say no to statistical cookies. Instead of saving a cookie, non personal GDPR compliant is transmitted to Google Analytics via a web service. In this way, even if the user has rejected cookies, Google Analytics will still be able to get info such as:


● Timestamps on visitors to the website
● Browser type
● Referrer, such as how the user landed on your website
● Info whether current or previous page contains ad-click information in URL
● Page views


In this way you will be able to collect more correct statistical data on you websolution.


Services that currently support Google Consent:

● Google Ads
● Floodlight
● Google Analytics


Cookies from Youtube (marketing cookie), must still be blocked if the user rejects it and videos will not be displayed.


How is it implemented?


In Cookie information, which is the service most of our customers use, it was activated automatically on February 24, 2021.
But the Google Analytics script must be reconfigured on the site, which can not be inserted through Google Tag Manager, which means that the script must be inserted in the page template, resulting in higher time consumption.