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The Danish Business Authority chose to relaunch their site on Drupal to be more future-proof and not locked into one supplier. We have made all Drupal developments of the site, as a subcontractor to NineConsult, which has made back office services in Java/Jahia. Thanks to Drupal, now has a flexible CMS that scales to the high traffic and the many logged-in users using advanced caching.

As an entrance to 1500 self-service solutions, speed and operational safety are extremely important, as the entire Danish business community is dependent on the portal. The result is a super fast site despite the high and heavy traffic. The person responsible for the project, Carsten Ingerslev, stated in connection with the launch: ‘I am obviously coffin-happy. The goal was to be in the air by September 1st, and it has been kept. At the same time, our schedule and budget hold. Of course, we have to be one hundred percent in house before I am completely happy, but at a time when there is talk of public IT scandals, it is a good feeling when it all runs like in oil, " he says.