Not just another day at the office…

Yesterday, the Drupal Association met for its annual Award show, where Linkfactory was nominated for a gold award in the categories "Best Drupal website 2015" and "Best public site". We are happy to share the good news: We won!

The Danish Drupal Award is aimed at both agencies and companies that manage to utilize Drupal's flexibility and modules to deliver successful and positive customer experiences. The award winners have a well-thought-out and committed solution that reflects customers' needs and interests across all channels.  

Gold in the category "Best Drupal website 2015" was awarded to the company "which has created a complete and convincing user experience as well as delivered business results, which can also be seen on the bottom line… Overall, the winner is the site that has moved boundaries, used new methods, and created a Drupal solution beyond the usual. ”  We are honored to win gold in the competition's biggest prize "Best Drupal site". The award confirmed that we are on the right track in our work to create measurable value for our customers, ”says CEO Ole Brockhuus.  But for Linkfactory, the price of the "Best Public Site" is at least as important. The award is given to the Danish Business Authority's website - a crucial focal point in the public sector's digitalisation strategy.

In 2014, Linkfactory carried out a thorough update of both the underlying system architecture and content on the Danish Business Authority's ten-year-old reporting and information page.  “Together with the Danish Business Authority, we have worked extensively to create a new user-friendly user interface and the completely new area Virk Data. It works at Virk. We know that now. At Linkfactory, we see prizes as a motivating factor and will work to further develop and continue our experiences. Both in the realization of the public digitization strategy and with our private customers ”.