Linkfactory receives the Drupal Commerce Award

Together with the Bible Society we received the Drupal Award in the E-commerce category at the Splash Awards 2019. We are proud to have won the award and the opportunity to show how content-heavy websites like The Bible Society’s one can use Drupal to their benefit and mix content with commerce with ease.

Drupal 8 fulfills this task perfectly thanks to its many different content types that can be displayed, related, purchased and e.g. exposed as feeds to external sites that then display their texts - for example sermon texts and today’s verses. 

In the case of our cooperation with the Bible Society, Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce replaced their former CMS. Because of that, the Bible Society had the opportunity to mix content with sales in a modern environment which matched their content types and where they can easily relate content with product descriptions and sales opportunities.

With a large number of integrations, many workflows have been digitized so that:

customers can browse and purchase the Bible’s online products; orders, donations and projects are integrated directly with the ERP system - Dynamics AX. Moreover, customers can manage their logins which they couldn’t do before. The website has been up and running for over 9 months and the Bible Society is very pleased with its overall look and functionality.