We help public institutions adhere to the web accessibility guidelines

Our goal is to ensure that your website complies with the web accessibility guidelines. We will support you in making the digital world more inclusive for everyone. 


The European Web Accessibility Directive, adopted in 2016, sets 23 September 2020 as the date by which all public sector websites will have to be accessible for people with disabilities. 


  • State, regions, and local authorities - with some local exceptions
  • Organizations governed by public law and financed by public funds
  • Organizations established by the above - if the organization is established for the purposes of general interest and does not have an industrial or commercial character
  • Exceptions: Public service organizations, most schools, NGOs that do not provide services that are essential to the public or cater to people with disabilities. However, it is still recommended that websites of the mentioned organizations are accessible.


Web accessibility. What do we offer?


There are various approaches to making sure that your website is accessible. We can help you with:


  • Review of the accessibility of websites and portals with detailed report and recommendations
  • Training of the editors and webmasters
  • Continuous availability insurance with manual and automated tests
  • Creation of an accessibility declaration which is required in Denmark


When developing new pages, it is important to think about the accessibility from the very start, which in this case, is the design phase. We keep accessibility in mind at all stages of the development process. Moreover, we offer advice on the matter, even if the website is being developed by another consulting house.


Why is the website accessibility important?


More than 80 million people are affected by some form of disability and approx. 5% of people in total do not use the Internet because of that. On average, the elderly are affected by a disability for approximately 8 years.


Web accessibility is a legal requirement for the public sector but is also a must for every organization that serves a wide range of population.


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