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BUF IT operations (BIT) is an institution that specialises in operating, supporting, and developing the schools’ and day care institutions’ pedagogical IT.

It handles the educational IT support throughout its life cycle. This applies to procurement, roll-out, maintenance, disposal and everything in between. Moreover, BIT operates the pedagogical network in the schools, used daily by approx. 39,000 students and approx. 4,500 educational staff.

BIT's total services consist of a number of joint services and ordering services as well as supporting technical and administrative tasks.

Strategy and consulting, UX Design, Software development
Drupal, Symfony
Logo for BUF IT
Logo for BUF IT


BUF IT’s system has integrated Drupal and Symfony. Thanks to such a combination, users can now edit content in a familiar environment (Drupal), while complex business processes are written securely in Symfony. Architecture like this promotes efficiency, safety, and smooths the whole development process.

Instead of doing everything in Drupal, we chose a solution where the website and self-service got separated into two applications: one in Drupal that is used to edit the website and the second, tailored-made application for self-service of students and the teachers.

Azure Single Sign On

Both applications allow for Single Sign On functionality. Google users' beloved functionality can be easily recreated, allowing for performant and secure authentication. In addition, BUF IT integrates with Microsoft solution, Azure, to meet this requirement.

High development standards

While working with BUF IT, we had modern standards in mind. The code was automatically reviewed according to a set of predefined rules. This technique significantly reduced errors, so that we could spend time on what really mattered - developing the features to support and streamline the business.