Commerce Sylius

A powerful and scalable solution for your e-commerce

The e-commerce market is growing more than ever. This is why it is crucial for businesses to adapt to its requirements and offer state-of-the-art platforms and experiences for their customers. At Linkfactory, we understand that. We have been developing e-commerce platforms that make a difference ever since our establishment in 2000.

Why choose Commerce Sylius?

Sylius is an open-source e-commerce platform for businesses that need custom solutions. It is based on a popular technology called Symfony and offers outstanding performance while maintaining good coding practises. Its modern approach to the development of projects allows significant scalability and adjustment to the ever-changing requirements of the e-commerce market. Due to its powerful functionality yet simple and straightforward nature, Sylius makes an ideal choice for mid-market businesses. 


Sylius’ APIs are based on API Platform which provides great customization capabilities, making it possible to develop a platform which is fully tailored to your needs. Moreover, Sylius can be easily integrated with external tools such as ERP, CRM, PIM or eCommerce analytics.


Commerce Sylius in a nutshell

  • Open-source
  • Headless
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Designed for Agility
  • Customizable
  • Great quality of the code
  • Fast implementation
  • Easy to use
  • Possible to integrate with external tools
  • Innovative and modern

Why work with us?

+150 satisfied customers

2000 as a year of establishment

15 employees

Billede af fire Drupal-priser, vi blev tildelt med

We specialise in developing meaningful web solutions with open-source technologies. 

We advise, design and develop e-commerce solutions. Because they can often integrate deeply into the company's other system landscape, we develop those integrations at a high technical level with Domain Driven Design, integration testing, and Continuous integration so that the platform is reliable and future-proof.

Working with us, you can always be sure of a top-notch service - we put our customers’ needs and goals first. We will provide you with an optimized hosting, continued support, and guidance based on years of experience. 

What to learn more about how Commerce Sylius can benefit your business? Drop us a line - we are more than happy to discuss the possibilities of a joint project.


Our competences


We offer Drupal optimized hosting for our customers. Choose the solution that suits you.


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Choose a Drupal agency that gives high priority to support and responds quickly when everything has to work around the clock after the project is finished. Get full support, including agreement on automatic security updates.



10 years of experience in developing websites and applications for well-known brands with Drupal - the most flexible CMS system with state-of-the-art technologies.

Need something else?  

Contact us and we will find a solution. If we are not experts in the field of your interest, we are the first to say so. We can also offer dedicated developers for your project.


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If you are looking for a team specialized in this technology, we can help. Learn more on the "Hire a team" page or simply use our contact form to write to us directly. We’ll be more than happy to consult if the technology will be the most optimal for your project.

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